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General Dentistry

Metal free dentistry With major advancements in technology, tooth coloured composite restorations - white fillings - are now available. This allows us to restore small to medium restorations which are strong, durable and virtually unnoticeable in one appointment. For medium to large sized cavities, tooth-colored porcelain inlays and onlays return teeth to their full form and function.Please let us know if you are experiencing symptoms of hot or cold sensitivity and biting pain, restoring your tooth will prevent pain worsening.

Treating Bruxism Bruxism is the subconscious clenching or grinding of teeth (usually during sleep and times of stress) We can help if you are experiencing painful facial muscles, frequent headaches, earachesor excessive tooth wear.

Root Canal Treatment Root canal therapy has a high success rate and with local anaesthetic, is a procedure that can be completed with no discomfort. A damaged tooth that has inflammation of the pulp (nerve) can be acutely painful. We act promptly carrying out root canal therapy to remove pain and preserve the tooth.