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Trauma to Front Tooth

It doesn’t get much worse than breaking a front tooth. A broken front tooth usually happens at the worst possible time, right before a big event or while on holidays, limiting your ability to eat

Tooth Ache When Flying

Have you ever noticed pain in your ears when flying?  Due to the change in pressure throughout the flight you may experience some aerodontalgia which is a pain in the tooth caused by a change

Dentist Explains Why Save Teeth?

Patients often ask us why we would go through so much effort to save that tooth and ask if it is actually worth the investment. Simply put, nothing looks, feels or functions like your natural tooth

What Your Tongue is Saying About Your Health

The colour, texture and moisture of your tongue can provide tell-tale signs of what's going on inside your body. “Your tongue is richly supplied with blood vessels. Thanks to a constant

Thumb or Dummy Sucking

Updated 26th November 2019  The Australian Dental Association advises that when children continue to suck after the permanent incisor teeth have erupted, risk getting crooked permanent tee

Dental Care for Children

We all know to brush our children’s teeth twice a day and floss, but 55% of 6-year-olds had experienced decay in their baby (deciduous) teeth and 48% of 12-year-olds have experienced decay in th