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Tooth Cavities

What are cavities Your teeth have an outer layer called the enamel and the layer under the enamel called the dentin. The enamel is much harder than the dentin and so it gives the tooth its we

Cosmetic Dentistry - Make the right choice

Our teeth go through tremendous amounts of wear. Overtime, each tooth no longer looks as it should. Our Ballarat dentists can help you investigate options that suits your budget and circumstances. W

What is a Preferred Provider

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN INDEPENDENT DENTIST AND A PREFERRED PROVIDER The term “Preferred provider” is used by health insurance companies to label a health practitioner that have been contra

The Importance of Mouthguards

Sports injuries dental facts and mouthguard protection Here is some useful information about mouthguards that will help you recognise the importance of wearing a mouthguard when you are playing s

Oral Cancer Screening

OUR BALLARAT DENTIST CAN SCREEN FOR ORAL CANCERIn Australia, there are approximately 4500 cases of head and neck cancer each year. Out of the head and cancer cases, about 1400 are diagnosed with ca

Customer Charter

OUR CUSTOMER GUARANTEE When you see our dentists, you are treated like a customer, not just a patient. So be confident that at Lydiard Street Dental Clinic, you are getting the best cust