Our Philosophy

At Lydiard Street Dental Clinic, we recognise that every patient is unique may have different preferences and requirements to another person. We do not use the "One shoe fits-all" approach.
We work closely with our patients to understand what they want and what suits them best, and provide them with a personalised treatment plan that is customised to fit-in with their requirements.
Our goal is to provide the best outcome for our patients at the lowest possible cost. The quality of our customer service is the highest in the industry according to key industry benchmarks. We have been able to maintain this reputation by using our effective recruitment strategy and using the best in-house training systems on offer.
Over the years, we have built a reputation for delivering the best value and most cost effective solutions to dental problems for all our patients. Our key ingredient in achieving such a repuation is by having a team that is driven by an unselfish desire to meet the needs of others. A great team equals great outcomes for the patient.

Who we are looking for

In the interest of our patients and to be a good fit for our team you must possess the following personal attributes:
  • Empathetic with a genuine desire to be in the dental industry.
  • You have a charitable and generous nature and are predominantly driven by your desire to help others.
  • To maintain our best-value-service in the industry, you have an understanding of how to keep costs down at all levels without compromising on quality.
  • Ability to work well in a fast paced team environment.
  • Honest and operate with integrity at all times.
  • Flexible with working hours in order to meet patient needs including dental emergencies.
  • Willing to be trained under our proven training system to deliver a service to our quality standards which will enable you to better meet the needs of our patients.

From time to time we have vacancies for dentists and support staff that may not be advertised elsewhere. If you genuinely possess the above personal attributes, please keep an eye on our website or drop in your CV in person at our reception. If you are a dental professional you will also need to meet the following specific requirements:
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to communicate treatment options effectively with patients.
  • At least 3 years experience working for an independent private dental clinic.
  • Willing to contribute to people in need by providing financial support to Compassion Australia or by offering your professional skills at remote locations. Our clinic will provide a range of dental equipment for this purpose.