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Dentist Ballarat

Gentle & Quality Dental Care

We understand that for many people visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience, and we do our best to make your dental visit as enjoyable as it possibly can be. Don't just take our word for it. Many of our dental patients will travel just to attend our dental practice in Ballarat. Our dental patients come from Ballarat and from as far away as Melbourne and Hamilton. This gives us great confidence in knowing that our patients highly value the quality of our Ballarat dentist service.

Affordable Dental Care

As a leading dentist in Ballarat, we’re able to offer value-based solutions to help you stay in control of your tooth-related problems and stay on top of your expenditure. We understand that our patients want to stay informed when it comes to costs, what insurance can cover, and what their potential out-of-pocket costs might be. We will always discuss the various options available to you, and we will suggest the most practical and cost-effective alternatives in addition to informing you of what the short term and long term solutions might be for any particular tooth problem that you might have. You are in total control of your oral health!

Customised Dental Plans

Everyone has different needs when it comes to dental care. We spend time with you to investigate, diagnose and make sure all your questions are answered so that you can make an informed choice on the personalised plan that is right for you. We will let you know the various options in relation to your situation, and we will ensure that you understand the financial implications of whichever option you choose. It is, after all, your teeth, and your choice.

Accredited Dental Practice in Ballarat

Our Ballarat dental practice has been independently assessed for compliance with the National Safety and Quality in Healthcare standards. These standards are set by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. We have worked hard to develop systems and procedures to ensure that we either meet or exceed these standards. Therefore, we are very proud to have been the first accredited independent dental practice in Ballarat.

Priority Access to Urgent Dental Care

Priority access to a dentist in a dental emergency is essential. Tooth related problems can manifest themselves at any time and when they do, they can be extremely stressful, and you need to get them attended to as quickly as possible. When the unexpected happens, it's nice to know that at Lydiard Street Dental Clinic you will be treated as a priority. You can rest assured that if you have a serious issue with your teeth and you need to see someone urgently then the team at Lydiard Street Dental are here to help. Simply call our friendly reception staff and let them know about the urgent nature of your problem and they will arrange for an emergency consultation at our clinic in Ballarat.


We understand our dental patients are busy. Therefore, we want our dental services to be as convenient as possible for them. Our dental practice is easy to get to from all parts of Ballarat and is accessible by car or by public transport. There is usually plenty of street parking available and we are an easy walk from Ballarat Central and the Ballarat Town Hall. Call us today on 5331 2061 and speak with one of our friendly staff.

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1What happens if I have an emergency?
Regular dental care reduces the occurrence of unexpected problems. However, in such cases, we set aside time on a daily basis to deliver prompt urgent care. During these urgent appointments, we will identify the problem and give interim care. Once comfortable we can offer advice and discuss treatment options enabling you to make an informed decision on the most suitable dental treatment.
2When is payment required?
Payment is required on the day of treatment and is accepted in the form of cash, cheque and Eftpos/Credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Amex). For patients with private dental health insurance, we are able to electronically claim your rebates with our convenient HICAPS claim system, so all you have to pay is the gap amount.
3What are the common side effects of whitening?
Sensitivity of the teeth to hot or cold may last up to 48 hours and no longer than 5 days. Hundreds of articles have been published over the last two decades reports on the non-toxicity and safety of whitening.
4When do wisdom teeth require removal?
Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt into your mouth, usually at 16-23 year of age. Frequently there is not enough room for normal eruption and these teeth therefore become 'impacted'. It is well documented that removal of wisdom teeth in young adults (below the age of 25) is associated with less after-operation pain and swelling than in older adults. Therefore, if it is determined that the wisdom teeth are likely to cause problems, we will usually recommend that you have them removed earlier rather than later.
5Why replace missing teeth?
If you are missing teeth or requiring an extraction of a tooth, we can arrange an appointment to discuss your replacement options.

We sometimes find our new patients have not been made aware of the consequences of leaving teeth unreplaced before having a tooth extracted at their previous practice. It may have been they weren't advised on the next step and so naturally think that once the tooth is extracted, the job is done.

Firstly nearby teeth normally move into the space and this consequently can impact your bites appearance and chewing ability and can lead to further tooth and bone loss.
6Why is bone important?
Having reduced or limited jaw bone leaves you at risk of limited strength in the jaw. It also means that when you do make the decision to replace your missing teeth you may not have enough bone to support the dental implant.

When this occurs you may be instructed that a bone graft is needed to replace the lost bone.

Bone loss can occur for a number of reasons including when you have teeth removed, due to gum disease, cysts, infections or trauma.

Following an extraction, bone shrinkage occurs in the missing tooth site. Loss is limited if acting promptly. If there is adequate bone for a dental implant it will support remaining bone around it. As everyone is not suited to dental implants, we will be able to advise you as to their suitability in your case.